Fuel Polishing: The Key to Efficient Bulk Fuel Tanks

Fuel Polishing

Introduction: Bulk fuel tanks are crucial for industries that rely on a constant and reliable fuel supply. However, over time, contaminants such as water, sludge, and microbial growth can accumulate in these tanks, leading to fuel degradation and engine performance issues. Fuel polishing is a process that addresses these concerns by removing impurities and ensuring … Read more

Empower Your Energy: Unleashing the Potential of CHP Gas Generators

πŸ“£ Exciting News! πŸš€ Power Controls and Automation Solutions Ltd is here to revolutionize the world of commissioning services for comAp controllers used in CHP gas generators! πŸ’‘πŸ”ŒπŸŒΏ We are thrilled to introduce our cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses to optimize their energy generation and efficiency. With our expertise, we ensure seamless integration of comAp … Read more

Exciting News: Our Client Takes the Next Step!

Blog about service and maintenance below: πŸ”Œ Exciting News: Our Client Takes the Next Step! πŸ”Œ We are thrilled to announce that our valued client has just signed a 5-year service agreement with Power Control and Automation Solutions Ltd for their 3 x Cummins 800kVA generators! πŸŽ‰πŸ”‹ At Power Control and Automation Solutions Ltd, we … Read more

Hiring Or Buying a Generator, Which is Best?

There are so many factors to consider before buying or hiring a generator and it’s important that you make the right decision, specific to your business. Sadly, there is no simple answer, but by giving you an overview of the options and analysing the pros and cons of each we want to help you find … Read more

What Are The Benefits Of Generator Hire?

What Are The Benefits Of Generator Hire Hero Image

Is Generator Hire Right For Your Business? Here’s The Key Benefits… As a generator specialist we often get asked which is best; buying or hiring a generator? Unfortunately, there is no right answer; it depends upon the individual needs of your business. In most cases, longer term, high demand situations call for a robust, bought … Read more

Planning A Commercial Generator Installation | Things To Consider

Generator Installation | Things To Consider

Make Sure Your Generator Installation Goes To Plan… Commercial generators are an important part of most large scale power operations, most commonly used as reserve power to cover power outages. Sectors such as Healthcare and Data Management rely on constant power, which is why generator installation is a must, to ensure minimal downtime, should the … Read more

PCAS Ltd Become Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) Members

We’re pleased to announce that PCAS Ltd is now an EGSA (Electrical Generating Systems Association) member, again, showing our commitment to our customers and delivering first class service in the Electrical Generating sector. The association, which is the worlds largest organisation dedicated solely to On-Site Power Generation, promotes the exchange of ideas between industry leaders, … Read more

All About Power Purchase Agreements

All About Power Purchase Agreements Blog Image

Power Purchase Agreements Information For Business & Utility Companies If you’re generating your own power, through gas, diesel or silent generators, solar power, wind power or any other renewable source, you could be generating extra revenue for your business, by ‘selling off’ excess power, back to the national grid, government sectors or through utility companies, … Read more

Generator Hire | Things to Consider

Generator Hire Things To Consider

For many businesses, hiring a generator can be extremely beneficial. If mains power fails, businesses can be left unable to operate, which can be detrimental to profits, customers and employees. In critical power situations, down time can be extremely serious, particularly in the healthcare sector. Hiring a generator can help reduce loss to your business … Read more

PCAS Ltd | Trusted, Safe, Reliable

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At PCAS Ltd, we pride ourselves not only on our customer service, but also our professional, reliable approach to our work. To ensure maximum confidence in our services, we’re ISO accredited for all relevant areas, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO45001. As well as this, we’re also SSIP accredited, CHAS accredited and AMPS Members, … Read more