CHP Cogeneration

Combined Heat & Electricity Production

Reduce Your Business Energy Costs, Emissions and Improve Reliability with CHP

CHP Cogeneration combines heat and electricity production providing an economical solution over normal energy sources.

In the production of electricity there is also heat simultaneously produced in the cogeneration unit. Thanks to combined Heat and electricity Production (CHP), the cogeneration units fully utilise energy from the fuel with minimal losses and, in addition, with a very low emission level.

Cogeneration can increase electrical and thermal energy efficiency to 95% from what was previously only 90% possible.

Cogeneration units produce electricity and heat directly at the point of consumption. Energy losses due to transmission and distribution are eliminated.

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Benefits of CHP Cogeneration

Improved Efficiency

As CHP Cogeneration produces a higher output from less fuel, with reduced distribution losses, businesses can see improved energy efficiency.

Reduced Emissions

Burning less fuel for energy output means a dramatic reduction in emissions. In some cases, this can have a positive impact on business charges and levy's.

Reducing Costs

CHP Cogeneration systems can achieve efficiency rates of up to 80% which helps reduce energy costs. On site production also reduces dependency on fluctuating energy costs.

Business Continuity

On site energy production reduces exposure to national grid downtime, with CHP reliability helping to keep your business running.

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CHP For Public & Private Sector Business

Cogeneration For Business

Our team have worked on countless CHP projects throughout the private sector, providing businesses with efficient energy solutions.

We work with all business types, including retail and leisure, data centres and technology services and telecoms.

At PCAS we pride ourselves on delivering a start to finish service. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Cogeneration for Private Sector

We can help public sector organisations, delivering full service delivery and installation of CHP systems which provide reduced costs, emissions and continuity of supply.

Over the years, we have developed systems for all types of public sector types including hospitals, medical centres and schools.

Speak to us about CHP for your organisation.

PCAS Recommended CHP Cogeneration Systems


Food processing industry

CHP Unit: KE – MTUNG 1000
Fuel: Natural Gas
Execution: Container
Network connection: Yes, parallel operation
Electrical power: 999 kWe
Thermal power: 1044 kWt


Retirement Home

CHP Unit: KE - MNG 50
Fuel: Natural Gas
Execution: Acoustic hood
Network connection: Yes, parallel operation
Electrical power: 50 kWe
Thermal power: 78 kWt

A Professional Approach

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An Experienced Team

At PCAS Ltd we have a collective experience of over 50 years working within critical power solutions across most industries.

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A Full Service

No matter which service you're looking for, our team can provide a start to finish solution, including design, installation and testing.

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1st Class Hardware

We use a range of hardware from industry leading manufacturers and providers, offering solutions for all areas.

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National Coverage

We're a Doncaster based company with national capabilities, employing modern remote monitoring services.

The Team

Our teams are headed up by Stephen and Paul who have a collective 50 Years of experience in the power control, communications and automation industry.

Our Experience

Our experience is our greatest asset and has allowed us to grow our company and reputation organically. Our independently run organisation allows for maximum flexibility during project delivery.

Who we work with

We welcome conversations with consultants, manufacturers, design and build companies, mechanical engineering companies, planners, project managers and anybody requiring critical power solutions.

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