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Generate Revenue From Your Power Using A Stable PPA

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a contract between electricity suppliers and consumers; or 'providers' and buyers', allowing one to buy power from the other. In most cases, this is Electricity Companies buying excess power back from self producing, independent companies, such as companies using Solar, Wind or Generated Electricity.

PPA's allow companies to generate extra revenue from their excess power supply which would otherwise go to waste, in turn, helping utility companies attain electricity at a lower cost than producing it themselves.

Generally, a PPA consists of; the buyer (utility company), the seller (your business), also known as the 'Independent Power Producer' (IPP) entering into a contract.

A PPA or IPP agreement is usually formed on a long-term contract basis, meaning your business could generate steady, reliable revenue, long term.

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The Benefits Of A Power Purchase Agreement

Guaranteed Revenue

Power Purchase Agreements are generally entered into on fixed, long term agreements with either utility companies or government sectors.

This means you could receive guaranteed, steady revenue for your excess power, from trusted, stable sources.

Delivering Guaranteed Quantities & Price

PPA's can be used by government sectors when planning projects to determine a fixed price for energy which would otherwise be subject to forecast. This helps public sector projects predict their own costs in turn.

For you, the supplier, this means a fixed income, over a projected timescale, allowing for more accurate profit projection.

PCAS Ltd Providing Stress Free PPA

At PCAS Ltd we can help secure your PPA, providing a comprehensive, start to finish service.

No matter how you generate your power, we can help set up and operate your Power Purchase Agreement. We'll even arrange sale back to the national grid, leaving you stress free, focusing on revenue.

We can help supply and commission your power supply, with our industry leading service and hardware, whilst also providing access to 'ready to go' Power Agreements. Helping you power your operation and monetizing any excess power you may have.

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A Professional Approach

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An Experienced Team

Our team have over 50 years experience designing and commissioning systems, working on Data Centres throughout the UK and Europe.

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A Full Service

Data Centre power supply and monitoring systems range from the simple to complex, our team can deliver all requirements from start to finish.

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1st Class Hardware

Our systems are constructed using industry leading components and hardware, from initial install through to ongoing maintenance.

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National Coverage

Our team have worked on Data Centres throughout the UK and Europe, providing national coverage from our Doncaster head office.

Our PPA Equipment

If you're considering installing and commissioning power generation with the aim of becoming an Independent Power Provider, we can help.

At PCAS Ltd we can supply, install and commission generators from 100-2350Kva self contained units, through to multi-megawatt systems, designed with PPA in mind.

We have a full range of power generation available, including Gas, Diesel and Silent generators. Each of our hired or supplied and installed generators are maintained to the highest standard, using prime components, guaranteeing continuity of supply and output.

Speak to our team today to discuss your power generation options and developing your PPA contract, to grow your revenue.

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PCAS Power Purchase Agreement Projects

`CHP Cogeneration Project

CHP Cogeneration

Currently ongoing design, supply, installation and commission. Providing critical power and power generation using gas generators.

Excess power can be resold back to utility companies using a Power Purchase Agreement, allowing continuity of supply and revenue, benefiting both parties.

Data Centre PCAS Installation

Design & Commission- UK Data Centre

This project consisted of complete design, install and commission, including CHP. Units demonstrated with built in SCR, able to show lowering emissions prior to use.

The Team

Our teams are headed up by Stephen and Paul who have a collective 50 Years of experience in the power control, communications and automation industry.

Our Experience

Our experience is our greatest asset and has allowed us to grow our company and reputation organically. Our independently run organisation allows for maximum flexibility during project delivery.

Who we work with

We welcome conversations with consultants, manufacturers, design and build companies, mechanical engineering companies, planners, project managers and anybody requiring critical power solutions.

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