Electric Car Charging Point Installation

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

A Complete Supply & Installation Service For EV Charging Points

At PCAS Ltd we're experienced at supplying and installing vehicle charging points throughout commercial properties of any size, covering both new build and existing premises.

If you're unsure which charging port types are best for your business, we can help. Our team can offer a complete 'start to finish' EV Charging Port Installation service, from initial consultancy through to install and ongoing maintenance.

Want to keep on top of your electricity usage? We offer a range of EV port options, including smart charging which provides full reporting on your usage, helping you keep on top of costs.

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What Are The Benefits Of Workplace Charging Points?

Destination Charging & New Business

Adding EV Charging Points to your business premises can help it become a 'destination charging station', where people travel specifically to charge their vehicle. This is a particular benefit to retail services, where increased footfall is at a premium.

Providing Essential Services

As electric vehicles enter the mainstream, with an increase in usage, so will the demand for charging points, particularly from staff.

Adding charging points to your business can provide a future essential service, helping to retain and attract a stronger workforce.

Enhancing Brand Image

Adding charging points to your business premises will not only future proof your business, acting as the foundation for years to come, it will also improve brand image.

Customers are increasingly aware of business practice, something which a zero carbon approach can help improve.

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Why Choose PCAS Ltd For Your Charging Installation?

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An Experienced Team

At PCAS Ltd we have a collective experience of over 50 years working within critical power and electrical solutions across most industries.

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Low Cost Installation

Our team can supply and install EV charging points to suit any budget. We also offer funding and grant advice to help reimburse your investment.

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Complete Service

Our team offer a complete 'start to finish' service from initial consultation through to supply, install and ongoing maintenance.

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Government Funding

PCAS Ltd can offer free, impartial advice for funding and grants that may be available to your business, towards installing EV ports.

Electric Car Charging Point Types

Rapid Charging

80% charge in 20 minutes (depending upon EV model)
50kW DC charging on two connector types
43kW AC charging on one connector type
Tethered cables

Fast Charging

100% charge in 1-6 hours (depending upon EV model)
7kW charging on three connector types
22kW charging on three connector types
Tethered & Untethered options

Slow Charging

100% charge in 6-12 hours (depending upon EV model)
3-6kW charging on four connector types
Includes mains charging
Tethered & Untethered options

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Workplace Charging Scheme

Government Grants For Workplace Charging Installation

The Workplace Charging Scheme is funded by the Government Office For Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) and provides grants for businesses which can be used towards the cost of installation EV charging points.

The grant allows a maximum contribution of 75% of the total installation costs, up to a maximum of £350 per charging socket installed. Across all business premises, a maximum of 40 sockets can be installed.

The scheme is open to all UK based businesses, charities and local authorities, excluding the Channel Islands and Isle of Mann.

If you're interested in charging point installation for your business and unsure of the funding available, we can help. Contact our team today to discuss the Workplace Charging Scheme and any other funding options which may be available.

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Our Approach

The Team

Our teams are headed up by Stephen and Paul who have a collective 50 Years of experience in the power control, communications and automation industry.

Our Experience

Our experience is our greatest asset and has allowed us to grow our company and reputation organically. Our independently run organisation allows for maximum flexibility during project delivery.

Who we work with

We welcome conversations with consultants, manufacturers, design and build companies, mechanical engineering companies, planners, project managers and anybody requiring critical power solutions.

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