The PCAS Ltd Team

Stuart Turner | Director

Stuart is our director, specialising in command and control of generational assets. Stuart started his career as a Electrical Engineer in the British Army setting up a dedicated power systems division.

He then went on to spend the next 8 years in the power generation industry as a commissioning and controls engineer successfully commissioning in excess of 800MW of power plants both national and internationally.

He has worked for a large distributed energy provider across gas, diesel and battery technologies. His experience as an ITE (independent technical expert) with assets participating in the capacity market and National Grid balancing services has been particularly valuable to clients over the last few years.

Nik Morley TMIET | Commissioning Manager

Nik Morley has over 30 years’ experience working within Power Generation. Nik Morley specialises in complex applications. designing and implementing solutions from multi Megawatt power stations to small ATS solutions. Nik Morley knowledge of various Plc’s enables PCAS to offer customers of all sizes a full solution that is a fantastic asset to the business.

Nik Morley is full time member of IET

Garry Bird | Electrical Engineer

Garry brings 30 years’ experience, 20 of which was working for the UKs main FG Wilson dealer, before leaving to join a leading capacity market company installing over 400MW of Gas peaking plants.

Since Garry has joined PCAS his experience has proven vital throughout his time here, working with customers all over the UK

Samuel Lilley | Service and Administration Manager

Sam is a highly skilled professional with a strong leadership background in retail and the motor trade. His expertise in parts and service has played a crucial role in the growth of the service department.

With his extensive knowledge and experience, Sam has brought a fresh perspective to the business, implementing effective structures and strategies derived from his sales and operational history. He has a keen eye for identifying areas of improvement and has successfully implemented changes that have positively impacted the organization.

Sam's passion for coaching and developing his colleagues has been instrumental in helping our younger engineers reach the expected level of excellence at PCAS. He invests time and effort in nurturing talent, providing guidance, and fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

In addition to his expertise in parts and service, Sam also has experience in parts supply and management CRM systems. He is well-versed in utilizing CRM systems to streamline parts supply processes, track inventory, and ensure efficient delivery to customers.

Overall, Sam is a dedicated professional with a strong background in retail and the motor trade. His knowledge in parts and service, along with his experience in parts supply and management CRM systems, make him a valuable asset to the organization. His leadership skills, passion for coaching, and commitment to excellence contribute to the success of PCAS.