What Are The Benefits Of Generator Hire?

Is Generator Hire Right For Your Business? Here’s The Key Benefits…

As a generator specialist we often get asked which is best; buying or hiring a generator? Unfortunately, there is no right answer; it depends upon the individual needs of your business. In most cases, longer term, high demand situations call for a robust, bought generator, with short term needs more easily covered by generator hire. However, there are many factors to consider before deciding whether to purchase or hire a generator.

Take a look at our latest blog, below, which outlines the key benefits to generator hire.

What Types Of Generators Can Be Hired?

These days most generator types can be bought or hired, depending upon your needs, including diesel, gas and petrol generators, with extra options available, such as silent generators and cloud based options.

Before you consider hiring a generator, it pays to speak with a professional company, who will be able to assess your needs and advise on the best type of generator for your business.

Access To The Newest Generators

As technology advances, so do generators, with generator hire you’ll have more options when it comes to the latest models. If your budget is limited, you’ll still get a modern generator that’s subject to meticulous maintenance and upkeep, meaning that, on the whole, hire will provide your business with a newer generator than purchasing outright.

Newer models include feature packed specifications, including remote monitoring, which means your generator can be checked and controlled remotely via laptop, table and, in some cases, a smartphone.

Saving On Generator Repair Costs

If you buy a generator outright, you’ll be responsible for it’s upkeep and repair. As the generator ages, these upkeep costs can become fairly sizeable, especially as parts become harder to come by. With generator hire you’ll never have this problem as you’re free to switch up your generator whenever you need to. In the meantime, your generator will be maintained and repaired (if it ever needs to be).

Short Term Power Solutions

Sometimes you’ll only need a generator for a short time, which, in most cases, makes generator hire the ideal choice. Although generator can work out more costly than purchasing outright over a long term, short term hire is often much cheaper than buying outright.

Flexibility For Growing Businesses

If you’re purchasing a generator outright you may find that, over time it’s either surplus to requirements, or not powerful enough to meet growing demand. Hiring a generator does away with this problem as, more often than not, you’ll be able to ‘flex up’ your generator, ensuring supply meets demand, as well as not wasting money on an excessively powerful generator that you don’t need.

Enhanced Power For Bigger Projects

Have you got a large order coming in that you know will need maximum output? Generator hire can often be delivered more quickly, especially when using an ‘off the shelf’ generator, meaning less downtime for your business and a quicker response.

Things To Consider Before Choosing To Rent Or Buy A Generator

Will You Use The Generator Regularly?

If you assess your business needs and find that you’ll be using back up power fairly regularly then purchasing a generator may be the way to go. However, if you’re business relies solely on mains power, then you may only need to hire a generator during power outages, saving money overall.

Is Complete Coverage Important?

At PCAS Ltd, we supply critical power to a number of industries, which rely on continual power for emergencies, such as hospitals or specialist manufacture. Is your business in this category? If your business would be majorly impacted by power outages, no matter how short, then long term generator use may be more beneficial, as you’ll have peace of mind that your business won’t suffer down time.

If, on the other hand, your business can afford to have some downtime, then generator hire may be your best option, as you’re only paying for a generator when you really need it.

Do You Have A Maintenance Plan?

One of the key benefits of generator hire is that maintenance usually falls with the hire company. With this in mind, think about whether you’re willing to ensure generators are properly maintained, should you purchase one outright.

Are You Thinking About Hiring A Generator?

PCAS Ltd offer flexible generator hire, throughout the UK, with 24/7 service and rapid response available. Our team have over 30 years experience, supplying, installing and maintaining generators to all types of businesses, in a variety of sectors.

If you would like more advice on the right type of generator for you, speak to our team today; we offer a free, initial site visit, with no obligation, prior to your generator hire.

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